So Easy!! Join us as the boss

When you are tired of working for others.

When you tried to start a business many times and failed.

When you can't see the direction of the future and feel confused.

When you want to make more pocket money for yourself.

When you want to make more money for your family.

Please come and join us
Simple, innovative, and interesting e-commerce model will bring you more income
We are different from eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, Bestbuy and so on.
You don't need to create your own online shop
You don't need to find many products
You don't need to think about what your customers like every day
You don't need PS pictures to achieve the effect that your customers want
You don't need to spend too much time and ship to each customer in person.
You only need to receive payments from customers
You only need to receive payment from the customer (important words repeat 2 times)
The money the customer pays is directly into your bank account or electronic wallet, not us

Just share our product in your social software and blog, of course, this is when you have time, any time is all right
You can choose some products from our website that you like or you think others may like
I am talking about a part of the product, or a small part of the product, not all of the products
And most of the products may not be useful to them, not interested, so they only need a small part of the product,these are up to you

If they like, they will take the initiative to contact you, and complete the transaction with you, the money goes directly to your bank account or electronic wallet, rather than us. This is very safe for you. All other sites can not do To this point.

Products, time, and location are all at your disposal, no longer traditional, stereotyped fixed patterns
The traditional marketing model, one by one sending e-mails to customers, can only make customers feel bored, rejected, resentful, and complained.
And we are relaxed, happy, fun, new shopping models that really help customers buy what they want

We are the only logistics company in the world that integrates the best quality goods in the world and has the fastest speed to bring this best shopping experience to customers. This is something that other shopping platforms cannot do.

There are no restrictions,full freedom!!

We don't have the extraordinary intelligence of Einstein, Newton, and Hawking.

We don't have the enviable talents of Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, LeBron James

We don't have the same kind of persistence as Steve Jobs does.

But I believe that everyone here can be their own boss   

Description and operation of Agent Share to Customer

Agent Share to Customer (AS2C)

We provide a new shopping model, re-establish trust between manufacturers, agents and customers
(1) At present, the logistics of eBay, Amazon and AliExpress purchase is very complicated, you need to register, and then click on the next step in order to reach the paid page.

We only need customers to use social software or e-mail to send the required product pictures, models, titles and mailing addresses to the agents. The customer then transfers the money to the agent’s account so that the transaction can be completed quickly and the agent can then Transfer the customer's information to us to complete the transaction.
This shopping is simple, fast and convenient
(2) Customers may find it difficult to find something on other shopping platforms. They need to go to different shopping platforms to search and spend a lot of time. If they are shopping on an unfamiliar platform, they may have concerns,doubt, fear, may eventually lead to unsuccessful transactions.

When your clients needs to find something they like, you can check it out on our website first. If you don't find it, you can contact the customer service staff to help you find it. We will complete the search in the shortest possible time and reply.
1) If it is our company's goods, we will be able to send it soon
2) If we don’t have the goods, we’ll go global searching for this item and find a trusted merchant or seller and the fastest shipping provider to deliver to ensure ensure a fast transit time.
Our company has more than 50 experts with more than 5 years of experience in e-commerce. They can help us to find trusted business partners quickly and accurately.

Global search includes big sellers or self-owned merchants (Ebay, Amazon, Wish, AliExpress, Alibaba, Bestbuy, Etsy, etc., and high-quality merchants found through search engines google, bing, yahoo).
The premise is that they can provide rapid transportation services, not slow, which we will help you to negotiate, these are all our responsibilities.

(3) Unlimited sharing time
You are free to choose the time, place, and product for sharing. For example: you can share it after work, you can share it while you travel, you can share it when you are resting on the grass, you can also share it in bed, etc.

(4) Item price

You can set the price of the product within a reasonable range. Our proposal is 20%-50% higher than the price of our website.For example, the price of the iPhone 7 Case on our website is $8.99. You can set it to $10.99, $11.99, $12.99,don't set it to $19.99, $22.99 or higher,the price is too high and it's not reasonable. We hope to give affordable prices to buyers,they will be more willing to buy.Reasonable prices make it easier for customers to believe in our sincerity and strengthen their stickiness with us so that they will be willing to choose us next time.

(5) payment protection
When we opened a store on any other shopping platform and we did business, we found that each platform required us to put money in them,we must abide by their rules. Many platforms are half-monthly repaid once or even longer. Sometimes, the seller’s account will be frozen. When the money is in great need, it cannot be taken out. People on the platform can use this money to make short-term investments and never give us any interest in return. I think this is unfair. , and our platform, the customer's money is into your bank account, not our bank account, you can deal with it very free and flexible.
You only need to give us some money for the purchase,the rest is your profit.

(6) Security of customer data
1) We will not take the initiative to contact your customers, we will only send some product information to your e-mail, you can also request to prohibit sending, this can be set in the background
2) Customers will worry about email leaks on other platforms, resulting in increased spam. Here you do not need to ask the customer to send emails. There is no point in sending the items. Customers are also more willing to cooperate with you.

(7) Various ways to complete orders
We will open a variety of social software to help you complete the orders received from customers
For example: Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, Line and Email

(8) Advantages
This way of shopping is beneficial to merchants, agents and buyers. It can achieve a win-win situation among the three parties, promote common development, deepen trust, and achieve long-term cooperation.

Please contact our skype ( hkking2017_1 ) or email ( [email protected] )

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